I decided to continue my discussion of what I learned from building a digital collection from my one page paper we had to turn in.  I think what I really learned is that building a digital collection is not really that hard.  I was so scared about trying to put stuff together and trying to figure out how to link things and group them. Granted I built a collection of documents, but even so I would have been able to build one with images without a great deal of difficulty.  I ended up using OMEKA because almost everyone else was going to use it and I thought to myself, oh yay built in tech support.  The instructions were step-by-step and errors were fairly easy to correct.  I was amazed.  It was as simple as filling out forms and uploading data files.  With these fantastic platforms to build from even the least tech savvy among us should no longer be afraid to try their hand at building a digital collection.  Hopefully soon there will be innovations in layout and theme, but as far as physically putting together the collection OMEKA couldn’t be easier to use.  It literally took me half of the time I had allotted to build the collection.  Amazing. Maybe my fear of building a digital collection is akin to library use anxiety.  People just don’t want to appear dumb. I think that I had built up digital collection building as some difficult thing that I could never learn.  I’m so  technologically inept it’s really sad.  I don’t use RSS, I don’t use Digg, I hate Facebook, and I really prefer to read paper copies of anything.  After actually building the collection however, the mystique is gone. I know that it isn’t really all that hard and even someone who has an aversion to technology can make a digital collection.