Running around, I stumbled upon a digital library put together by the Association for Computing Machinery. It contains the full text of every article ever published by the ACM.  Not only that, it has two features of interest to scholars:  a “my binders” and a “toc service”.  The TOC service is nothing new, but is uncommon for a digital library to create and send out.  The my binders feature is pretty cool, you can compile citations, share them with colleagues and create mini-bibliographies.  You also get some other cool things for a digital library:

Generally, this is a one stop shop for people interested in computers and computing.  I think this model would be wonderful to spread to other disciplines and professional societies.  It could foster the creation of new and interesting knowledge simply by having the binder features. Understanding how scholars keep information stored for their personal use might lead to the development of better databases, searching functions, etc.

The link: